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Shave with Cetaphil

I use it to shave my legs... especially in the winter! I was using moisturizing women's shave cream and my legs still felt like they were on fire. Tried Cetaphil – no more burning. Made a huge difference! Thanks!

Apply Barrier Cream before bed

When my hands are cracked and rough, I put Barrier Cream on before going to bed. My hands are much, much better in the morning!

Top off topical medication with cream

I was told by my dermatologist to put on my prescribed medication and then put Cetaphil cream over top. It works fabulously!

Remove mascara like magic

Cetaphil is a gentle cleanser for my sensitive skin. I also use it to remove makeup, especially mascara – it works perfectly and is not irritating to my eyes. And if I have a slight rash, I use Cetaphil to reduce the irritation.

Say “bug-bye” to bug bites

Cetaphil moisturizers are great for taking the itchiness out of bug bites. I use it on the grandchildren all the time!

Use it on your little ones

I love that I can use the Cetaphil cleanser on my two granddaughters. The youngest is 5 and it is so gentle on her face that I don't have to worry about getting it in her eyes and causing them to sting, which is her biggest fear. The other granddaughter is 8 and she has very sensitive skin. But Cetaphil is so gentle on her – it doesn't dry out her skin. Their skin looks so clean and glows after using Cetaphil! I also love it for myself because it removes makeup easily and it doesn't dry out my skin. 

Hydrate your hands while you sleep

I have been a dental assistant for almost 20 years, leaving me with very dry skin on the back of both of my hands. For over 10 years, I used prescription creams, but they only made my skin thin and dry. I also tried numerous other moisture creams, but they seemed to irritate my skin more. My friend told me to use Cetaphil about 2 years ago, so I did. Now, I use Cetaphil every night before bed. I apply it all over my hands and then I wear cotton gloves and go to sleep. This routine has helped my skin a lot. I am much happier now!

Trust your sensitive skin to Cetaphil

I tried every kind of soap for my very sensitive skin. They would all be fine at first, but after 2-3 months I would break out in a severe rash. It has now been 9 years since I started using Cetaphil. It is all I use and I swear by it! For my face, for my body… it is the only product I feel absolutely, 100% confident with. Cetaphil is the one and only constant in my life that I can depend on. (Even more dependable than my husband; I might be okay without my husband for a couple of days, but not Cetaphil!)

Replace your shaving cream with RESTORADERM

I use RESTORADERM as recommended by my dermatologist for my dry, itchy skin. It has made my life so much better! The wash and the lotion are amazing! But I've found another wonderful use for the wash: I forgot shaving cream while on vacation and couldn't get to a store, so I used my RESTORADERM wash as shaving cream instead. To my surprise, it worked better than anything before! My legs had zero irritation, which never happens! I’ve always washed my legs with RESTORADERM after shaving, but now I will use it in place of shaving cream. It's a miracle formula, so thank you!

Find “magic” in Moisturizing Cream

After many, many years of using every facial product on the market (it seemed that way!), I found my way to Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for my very dry skin. I know it is meant for all over the body, but I use it mainly on my face. My face became very sensitive to all other products – nothing worked, no matter the price! This Cetaphil cream is fantastic – it's magic in a jar! At 50 years old, I feel younger, healthier and prettier wearing this cream. Don't ever discontinue this product! Thank you very much!