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Cetaphil can be used in so many different ways! Discover how you can get the most from your perfect product, as well as tips from other Cetaphil fans. To quickly get the right information for your skin needs, search by skin type or product.

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Hold down hair

Instead of using hairspray or gel, I use a little bit of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in my hair to keep the fly-aways down.

Create a gentle scrub

I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and a rash whenever I try to use a new product. Cetaphil is the ONLY brand of skin cleanser and moisturizer that I use and what I recommend to all my friends. My best tip is to create a scrub: I use my Cetaphil cleanser and add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda before applying. The baking soda and Cetaphil combination is gentle and I get the benefit of a scrub without damaging my skin.

Use day and night

I find that the Moisturizing Cream is the only cream I can use on my face. I use it as a day cream under my makeup and also as a night cream. It really works for me!!

Get your teen to wash regularly

I started buying Cetaphil for my pre-teen son, as a means of encouraging good hygiene and preventing (as much as possible) the acne often associated with puberty. The product is simple to use and gentle on the skin, unlike soap. Having his own products seems to encourage my teen to wash regularly. Mission accomplished!

Gently scrub with a face cloth

I always keep a separate face cloth in the bathroom and use that for just my face to help gently scrub. I stick to my Cetaphil regimen and I also always change my pillowcase every 3 days. These tips have worked from pre-teen to now as an adult.

Attention men: moisturize without smelling “girlie”

I love the pump bottle. It makes it so easy to use the lotion that even my husband and daughter find it easy to moisturize and fight off the Canadian winter dry skin! Love that the lotion goes on without a trace of scent or greasiness – my husband loves being able to use it and not smell "girlie".

Get results for less

I use Cetaphil cleansers, moisturizers and lotion. I love that they are made in Canada and are not harsh on my skin. They deliver great results (much better results than those fancy expensive brands). Thank you!

Apply lotion after you lather

Apply lotion right after you towel dry following a shower, while your skin is still moist. That’s when you get the maximum benefit from your lotion

Help heal tattoos and piercings

I buy my Cetaphil at Costco because it is huge! I use it daily on my face and frequently get comments on my clear, soft skin. I also use it on my tattoo and my piercings, because it is so gentle!

Keep your heels from cracking

I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion every morning as soon as I step out of the bath and have gently toweled down. As Cetaphil is just right and not too thick, it goes on wonderfully with damp skin, giving me a soft and relaxing feeling of flexibility. I never have cracked heels because of my daily ritual and my socks just glide on!