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"Just before my daughter was one year old, she developed dry, red patches of facial skin as a reaction to a newly introduced food. Using Cetaphil helped protect her skin while it was healing, without further irritating it."

British Columbia

"My 2-year-old son has bad eczema. After his bath I always put Cetaphil cream on his body. My husband was bathing him and, afterward, went to put his pyjamas on for bed. My son, who wasn't talking yet, pointed to the Cetaphil bottle and started rubbing his arms and legs. He was trying to tell his dad that he missed a step, the most important — cream!"


"When my daughter was born in 2009, I bought baby lotion for moisturising. After giving her a bath, I used to put on lotion, but her skin was dry with flakey white spots. We tried different, expensive lotions, but nothing work. My daughter's doctor also took notice of her skin and recommended Cetaphil. After using Cetaphil, all those flakey white spots were gone and my daughter's skin was so fresh. After using it on my daughter, our family start using Cetaphil products. We are so happy with Cetaphil and can't think of using any other product. My parents and even my sisters and brother and their families all use and are in love with Cetaphil products."


"I started using Cetaphil more than thirty years ago after reading a book by Paula Begoun called Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal, in which she recommended Cetaphil cleanser. I picked it up right away and have been using it ever since. It's mild and non-abrasive, and I know that it isn't full of harmful ingredients. When my daughter was a young teen, I gave her Cetaphil to use as a cleaner and she's been using it ever since, too. She's 28 now. When she went tree planting in the bush in northern Ontario and Manitoba for two summers, her Cetaphil was extremely useful because it can be used without water. We have raided each other's stashes over the years, often to fill travel bottles. I never leave home without my Cetaphil. I've also been using Cetaphil moisturizer for years. Even though, a month shy of my 62nd birthday, my age is showing in some ways, I thank Cetaphil for keeping me looking as young as I do."


"I love Cetaphil and have used it for many years. I gave my daughter a bonus pack a while ago, and now she is using it all the time too!"


"My 15-year-old daughter came down with very dry, itchy skin on her arms. She tried using some of her favourite creams, but nothing was helping. I bought her some Cetaphil on the advice of our local pharmacist. It worked! She and I now love our Cetaphil and use it daily"


"I was advised by my dermatologist to use Cetaphil when I was diagnosed with localized scheloderma. This is a rare auto-immune skin disorder that causes extremely dry, itchy skin, plus other side effects. My mother-in-law has had three bouts with cancer, including breast cancer resulting in a double mastectomy plus two bouts of colon cancer. Her skin has always been sensitive, but I suggested that Cetaphil products would help her skin and the resulting scarring from the surgeries. I consider Cetaphil the best products on the market and I have tried many. She has become a regular user, as I am now, and we both feel better. In our dry climate, skin irritation is a common problem even without other health issues. I recommend it to anyone I know who may have skin issues."


"My children have very sensitive skin. We use Cetaphil because everything else makes their skin react. Cetaphil is very gentle and doesn't strip the skin. It works really well for us."


"I get very bad dry patches from my health problems and medications, but after one night smothered in Cetaphil, the skin feels so much better, and I've not scratched and damaged my skin!"


"My grandson Tieler is a very generous young fellow. Last year after I had radiation for breast cancer, he noticed that my arm was very scarred and pigmented. He bought me some Cetaphil and it helped with the burning and scarring. I think he saw the other Cetaphil products I keep in my bathroom and thought it would help, and it did."