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Cetaphil fans across Canada have shared their stories with us. Read on to hear about their personal experiences with our skin care line, and share your own story here.

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"My daughter had such dry, scaly skin her first winter, I really felt like I was doing something wrong! My sister recommended Cetaphil Eczema lotion. I was amazed that after one night of using it, her skin was back to baby soft and flawless."


"Until I started using Cetaphil, my cheeks were always red from rosacea. It was really embarrassing, but no more because using Cetaphil has changed my skincare routine for good. And now, my daughters use it as well for their sensitive skin. Cetaphil is easy to use with no added fragrance, which is bad for the skin in any case, regardless of skin type."


My daughter had been using your products for years, when I started breaking out. My daughter told me to try her products, which I did. Great success! They really cleared up my skin on my face and back. The funny part is, I got her to use your products during her teen years and now, as an adult, she is recommending them to me.


My mom has always had sensitive skin and used Cetaphil products to care for it. When I was a teenager and had problems with acne, I visited a dermatologist who recommended Cetaphil products as well. I should have listened to Mom in the first place — she always knows best!

Prince Edward Island

My entire family uses Cetaphil products, facial cleanser and moisturizer. We cannot do without these products. We find that when we use the moisturizer, our skin is soft all day. There is no dryness. This is what I want and love for me and my family, for our skin to be clean, healthy and soft. At night, we wash our faces with the soap and then use the moisturizer. In the morning, we do the same and the benefits last all day. We all love it.

British Columbia

"I have always been jealous of my husband's skin. I was prone to breakouts, and he could never understand the issue. However, as we have aged a bit, and a few wrinkles have set in, he is encouraged by my soft skin to start his own skin-care regimen. He loves the Gentle Cleansing Bar and the Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50. As an active cyclist, the wind has proven to be his enemy. Thanks, Cetaphil"


"I use the Cetaphil SPF 50 facial moisturizer every day, winter or summer. My dermatologist first recommended it. I am in my late 30's and my skin has never looked better! I am also prone to breaking out and I find this moisturizer perfect for my skin type with no breakouts while using it! "


"Growing up, good skin care was an example my mother showed me daily, and I used your product as a result of that. Then my daughter started to have issues with her delicate skin — yet another generation of Cetaphil users was started."


"I always leave my Cetaphil on the vanity in the bathroom and, when my signifient other thought it was hand cream, he started using it for his hard-working hands. He was hooked. He loved the results and continues to use it on a regular basis."

Newfoundland and Labrador

"My dad's one of those manly men that doesn't like to use lotion or anything. He started to get really dry skin from working with tools and harsh chemicals all the time. I'd move the bottle of Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion around so it was always in his sight. He slowly started to use it. Just because he's a man doesn't mean his skin can't be soft and nice!"