Gentle Cleansing Bar

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is a mild, soap-free, foaming bar that cleanses without irritation or dryness. It moisturizes as it cleans leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Formulated to maintain the skin’s natural protective oils and pH balanced, with no harsh detergents.

  • Rinses clean without leaving any sticky residue.
  • Ideal for facial and total body cleansing, in the bath or shower.
  • It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Suzanne, Kingston, ON, Dec 07, 2017

Cetaphil soap is a gentle and kind to my sensitive skin. I prefer bar soap in the shower but also have to be careful about products so this is perfect for me.

Paola, Laval, QC, Jun 26, 2017

I have oily and dry skin type. Using Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar leaves my skin oily free, without the dirty of the day and feeling fresh. And the best thing is that I can use it in my face and body.

Emma , Toronto , ON, Jun 20, 2017

Great cleansing product. Removed my makeup and left my skin feeling fresh and clean. Would recommend this to other and use it as part of my nightly routine.

Leah, Richmond, BC, Jun 15, 2017

REFRESHING! The cleansing bar has a fresh mild scent, it lathers up nicely, sadly it didn't remove my liquid eyeliner(which wasn't even waterproof) but overall it made my skin feel refreshing.

Terri-Lynn, Orleans, ON, Jun 14, 2017

I have been using the same brand of soap for years, it seems to work so I never look for alternatives. I received this bar from Glame Sense and am I ever happy I did. I absolutely love it!!! It lathers well, goes on easily and leaves my skin noticeably different, better!

stephanie, markham, ON, Jun 14, 2017

I have been using this cleaning bar since I receiving it from Glamsense. My face used to be very dry and patchy, but this bar has helped my face feel and look less dry. It is now more hydrated than before, and i also enjoy the scent of the bar.

Ashna, Toronto, ON, Jun 14, 2017

I already use Cetaphil moisturizer and after discovering this cleansing bar (thanks to glam sense by topbox) I am thrilled! I stopped using bars of soap a long time ago for my face, however this is gentle enough and leaves my face feeling moisturized not stripped. Def going to recommend this to my friends and family!

Melissa, Bethany, ON, Jun 14, 2017

I typically don't use a bar soap to cleanse my face and skin, however I was pleasantly surprised that using this bar daily made me feel. It lathers delicately and didn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry after. My face felt relaxed and fresh, not tight. I will definitely keep using this cleansing bar. It only makes sense!

Leah, Richmond, BC, Jun 14, 2017

Refreshing! The cleansing bar has a fresh mild scent, it lathers up nicely, sadly it didn't remove my liquid eyeliner(which wasn't even waterproof) but overall it made my skin feel refreshing.

Rebecca, Kingston, ON, Jun 13, 2017

Soap bars, cleansing bars I've always been skeptical... However there is definitely something different with the Cetaphil Cleansing Bar. My skin felt fabulous after each wash. I loved the scent and found that my skin never dried out. I have extremely sensitive skin and truthfully this is one product that never caused me any issues. This is a must for anyone with sensitive skin.

Sasha, Thornhill, ON, Jun 13, 2017

I have been looking for a skin care line for sensitive skin for some time now, and I have not come across anything that fit my particular needs. I was invited to join a Glam Sense campaign that featured a product catering to sensitive skin - Cetaphil. This product was one of the products featured in the campaign - the Cetaphil Gentle Cleaning Bar. I love using this bar/soap - you can use it on your face, or over your entire body. It doesn't leave behind any soapy residue, leaving your skin feeling clean and soft. My skin often begins to flare up with some other products, even sensitive shaving creams/gels - so whenever I shave my legs, I always need some cream/lotion to help calm the razor burn/itch. I used this bar right after shaving, and the irritation/burning sensation immediately calmed down! I did not have to wait until after my shower to apply a cream to help sooth my skin. I have very dry skin, but I noticed that it was less flaky upon just a few uses of this bar - this is something that I have been looking for for a while. It has been difficult to find a perfect product for both dry and sensitive skin that works for me. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin!

Lay, B, ON, Jun 13, 2017

I got this free from GlamSense, this was my favorite product I got from them. It is easy to use, it is like a bar of soap, you can just bring it into the shower with you. Easy for picky teenagers to use. It is light weight and perfect for sensitive skin. It cleans and refreshes your skin.

Shantell, Airdrie, AB, Jun 13, 2017

Left my skin feeling clean and fresh. No breakouts and no over drying.

Emily, Penetanguishene, ON, Jun 12, 2017

The cetaphil cleansing bar left my face feeling super clean, but it also left it feeling very dry. You definitely need to follow with a very good moisturizer after using this product. The bar itself was very easy to apply to my face and body with a face cloth. I do not think I will be permanently switching to this product as it is very drying. The smell of the bar was fairly light and fresh but I will stick to my other liquid cetaphil gentle cleanser.

anum, calgary, AB, Jun 12, 2017

I recently moved to Calgary and my skin have been super dry because of the hard water. I have been this bar for a few day and my skin feels amazing. it feels cleansed yet not stripped of moisture.

Christina, Brampton, ON, Jun 12, 2017

I received this product from Glam Sense Topbox...and I was really satisfied with the results! The Cetaphil Cleansing Bar was great for my skin and I would definitely continue using it. I have really sensitive skin that turns red very easily, but when I used this soap, it was very gentle on my skin and made it feel super soft and smooth. The smell is really nice and soothing. My skin didn't feel tight after I used it..which is a bonus because it usually does when I use other soap products. Would definitely recommend this!

Amanda, Toronto, ON, Jun 11, 2017

I got this product for free with a few others to test out and leave reviews. The cleansing bar I've been using in the shower on my body but not my face. So far, I really like it. It's non-drying and doesn't leave my skin sticky or tacky like a regular bar of soap. I do wish they had the ingredients in a pump or liquid version, since using a bar of soap is not my preference, but overall It's been a good product, however nothing amazing (I don't have acne so I can't speak to that).

Debbie, Innisfil, ON, Jun 07, 2017

This is a great bar of soap. Gentle enough to use on your face, and it leaves no soapy residue. It does not feel like your skin is dry and tight after using. Your skin feels nice and soft

Melissa, Bethany, ON, Jun 07, 2017

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 I have always been wary of skincare products, especially facial creams that contain SPF ingredients because I always found that my skin would react badly to the ingredients in them. That being said, I was pleased to note that my face felt calm and relaxed using this product. I didn't have any of the reactions that I was expecting, such as dryness or tightness. This product feels light and airy and I am happy to know that my face is protected from UV damage. Great product!

Nikki , Strathroy , ON, Jun 05, 2017

I have very dry skin and this cleansing bar left my skin feeling soft. I highly recommend it. I also enjoy the clean fresh scent of the soap.

tegan, Whitby, ON, Jun 01, 2017

cetaphil gentle cleansing bar non-soap is so gentle and feels different than other soaps. after using it i notice on my face the dry spots go a little red but it prepares my skin for moisturizing and after a few minutes after creaming the redness disappears and my dry spots no longer feel itchy, burning or tight anymore.

kristy, Edmonton, AB, May 30, 2017

This bar is amazing. I use it to remove a full face of makeup and it does it quickly and easily. I even had my husband try the bar and he quite enjoyed it for the fact that it cleaned his face and was also sensitive enough for his skin and left his skin felling moisturized (there is no way he is going to start doing a whole skin care routine so a bar works well for him). The bar can also be used on the whole body so for those that have chest acne and back acne this is fantastic and quite an affordable solution.

Francis, Charlpttetown, PE, May 29, 2017

I absolutely loved this product! It’s a great 1 step cleanser it left my skin feeling very refreshed and hydrated. I was also pleasantly surprised with the scent. Usually skin care products have sort of a clinical scent to them but this one smelled amazing. I’ve added it to my skin care routine and I would definitely recommend it !

Cathy, London, ON, May 25, 2017

I received this product from Glam sense topbox and I am in love.. After using it the first time my skin felt amazing... The scent is fresh and yummy too... I'm definitely switching my bar of soap to this.. My skin feels and look fresh

Nandita , Milton , ON, May 24, 2017

Love this soap. Very effective in cleaning and convenient. For people like me who are busy this is ideal. Using it for both face and body makes like a little less complicated.

Taylin, Cambridge, ON, May 23, 2017

Left my skin feeling so soft! My husband and I have dry skin and have noticed a difference in just a couple washes! Definitely buying again!

Harley, Brockville, ON, May 21, 2017

Have been using the cetaphil cleansing bar for a few days now and really love how it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Five stars